Exiv2::Internal::SliceBase Struct Reference

#include <slice.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Exiv2::Internal::SliceBase:

Public Member Functions

 SliceBase (size_t begin, size_t end)
size_t size () const throw ()

Protected Member Functions

void rangeCheck (size_t index) const

Protected Attributes

const size_t begin_
const size_t end_

Detailed Description

Common base class of all slice implementations.

Implements only the most basic functions, which do not require any knowledge about the stored data.

Member Function Documentation

◆ rangeCheck()

void Exiv2::Internal::SliceBase::rangeCheck ( size_t  index) const

Throw an exception when index is too large.

std::out_of_rangewhen index will access an element outside of the slice

◆ size()

size_t Exiv2::Internal::SliceBase::size ( ) const
throw (

Return the number of elements in the slice.

Referenced by Exiv2::makeSlice(), and Exiv2::makeSliceFrom().

Member Data Documentation

◆ begin_

const size_t Exiv2::Internal::SliceBase::begin_

lower and upper bounds of the slice with respect to the container/array stored in storage_

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