Sigma/Foveon MakerNote Tags

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with Sigma/Foveon cameras. These tags are defined by Exiv2 in accordance with [7].

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0002 2 Sigma Exif.Sigma.SerialNumber Ascii Camera serial number
0x0003 3 Sigma Exif.Sigma.DriveMode Ascii Drive mode
0x0004 4 Sigma Exif.Sigma.ResolutionMode Ascii Resolution mode
0x0005 5 Sigma Exif.Sigma.AutofocusMode Ascii Autofocus mode
0x0006 6 Sigma Exif.Sigma.FocusSetting Ascii Focus setting
0x0007 7 Sigma Exif.Sigma.WhiteBalance Ascii White balance
0x0008 8 Sigma Exif.Sigma.ExposureMode Ascii Exposure mode
0x0009 9 Sigma Exif.Sigma.MeteringMode Ascii Metering mode
0x000a 10 Sigma Exif.Sigma.LensRange Ascii Lens focal length range
0x000b 11 Sigma Exif.Sigma.ColorSpace Ascii Color space
0x000c 12 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Exposure Ascii Exposure
0x000d 13 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Contrast Ascii Contrast
0x000e 14 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Shadow Ascii Shadow
0x000f 15 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Highlight Ascii Highlight
0x0010 16 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Saturation Ascii Saturation
0x0011 17 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Sharpness Ascii Sharpness
0x0012 18 Sigma Exif.Sigma.FillLight Ascii X3 Fill light
0x0014 20 Sigma Exif.Sigma.ColorAdjustment Ascii Color adjustment
0x0015 21 Sigma Exif.Sigma.AdjustmentMode Ascii Adjustment mode
0x0016 22 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Quality Ascii Quality
0x0017 23 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Firmware Ascii Firmware
0x0018 24 Sigma Exif.Sigma.Software Ascii Software
0x0019 25 Sigma Exif.Sigma.AutoBracket Ascii Auto bracket