Samsung MakerNote Tags

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with Samsung cameras.

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0001 1 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.Version Undefined Makernote version
0x0021 33 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.PictureWizard Short Picture wizard composite tag
0x0030 48 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.LocalLocationName Ascii Local location name
0x0031 49 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.LocationName Ascii Location name
0x0035 53 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.Preview Long Offset to an IFD containing a preview image
0x0043 67 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.CameraTemperature SRational Camera temperature
0xa001 40961 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.FirmwareName Ascii Firmware name
0xa003 40963 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.LensType Short Lens type
0xa004 40964 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.LensFirmware Ascii Lens firmware
0xa010 40976 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.SensorAreas Long Sensor areas
0xa011 40977 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ColorSpace Short Color space
0xa012 40978 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.SmartRange Short Smart range
0xa013 40979 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ExposureBiasValue SRational Exposure bias value
0xa014 40980 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ISO Long ISO
0xa018 40984 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ExposureTime Rational Exposure time
0xa019 40985 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.FNumber Rational The F number.
0xa01a 40986 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.FocalLengthIn35mmFormat Long Focal length in 35mm format
0xa020 40992 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.EncryptionKey Long Encryption key
0xa021 40993 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.WB_RGGBLevelsUncorrected Long WB RGGB levels not corrected for WB_RGGBLevelsBlack
0xa022 40994 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.WB_RGGBLevelsAuto Long WB RGGB levels auto
0xa023 40995 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.WB_RGGBLevelsIlluminator1 Long WB RGGB levels illuminator1
0xa024 40996 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.WB_RGGBLevelsIlluminator2 Long WB RGGB levels illuminator2
0xa028 41000 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.WB_RGGBLevelsBlack SLong WB RGGB levels black
0xa030 41008 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ColorMatrix SLong Color matrix
0xa031 41009 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ColorMatrixSRGB SLong Color matrix sRGB
0xa032 41010 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ColorMatrixAdobeRGB SLong Color matrix Adobe RGB
0xa040 41024 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ToneCurve1 Long Tone curve 1
0xa041 41025 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ToneCurve2 Long Tone curve 2
0xa042 41026 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ToneCurve3 Long Tone curve 3
0xa043 41027 Samsung2 Exif.Samsung2.ToneCurve4 Long Tone curve 4