Pentax MakerNote Tags

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with Pentax cameras. The same tags are found in Pentax native DNG makernotes with group PentaxDng. Reference: [10].

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Version Undefined Pentax Makernote version
0x0001 1 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Mode Short Camera shooting mode
0x0002 2 Pentax Exif.Pentax.PreviewResolution Undefined Resolution of a preview image
0x0003 3 Pentax Exif.Pentax.PreviewLength Undefined Size of an IFD containing a preview image
0x0004 4 Pentax Exif.Pentax.PreviewOffset Undefined Offset to an IFD containing a preview image
0x0005 5 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ModelID Short Pentax model identification
0x0006 6 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Date Undefined Date
0x0007 7 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Time Undefined Time
0x0008 8 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Quality Short Image quality settings
0x0009 9 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Size Long Image size settings
0x000c 12 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Flash Long Flash mode settings
0x000d 13 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Focus Long Focus mode settings
0x000e 14 Pentax Exif.Pentax.AFPoint Long Selected AF point
0x000f 15 Pentax Exif.Pentax.AFPointInFocus Long AF point in focus
0x0012 18 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ExposureTime Long Exposure time
0x0013 19 Pentax Exif.Pentax.FNumber Long F-Number
0x0014 20 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ISO Long ISO sensitivity settings
0x0016 22 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ExposureCompensation Long Exposure compensation
0x0017 23 Pentax Exif.Pentax.MeteringMode Undefined MeteringMode
0x0018 24 Pentax Exif.Pentax.AutoBracketing Undefined AutoBracketing
0x0019 25 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WhiteBalance Undefined White balance
0x001a 26 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WhiteBalanceMode Undefined White balance mode
0x001b 27 Pentax Exif.Pentax.BlueBalance Long Blue color balance
0x001c 28 Pentax Exif.Pentax.RedBalance Long Red color balance
0x001d 29 Pentax Exif.Pentax.FocalLength Undefined FocalLength
0x001e 30 Pentax Exif.Pentax.DigitalZoom Long Digital zoom
0x001f 31 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Saturation Undefined Saturation
0x0020 32 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Contrast Undefined Contrast
0x0021 33 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Sharpness Undefined Sharpness
0x0022 34 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Location Undefined Location
0x0023 35 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Hometown Undefined Home town
0x0024 36 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Destination Undefined Destination
0x0025 37 Pentax Exif.Pentax.HometownDST Undefined Whether day saving time is active in home town
0x0026 38 Pentax Exif.Pentax.DestinationDST Undefined Whether day saving time is active in destination
0x0027 39 Pentax Exif.Pentax.DSPFirmwareVersion Byte DSPFirmwareVersion
0x0028 40 Pentax Exif.Pentax.CPUFirmwareVersion Byte CPUFirmwareVersion
0x0029 41 Pentax Exif.Pentax.FrameNumber Undefined Frame number
0x002d 45 Pentax Exif.Pentax.EffectiveLV Short Camera calculated light value, includes exposure compensation
0x0032 50 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ImageProcessing Undefined Image processing
0x0033 51 Pentax Exif.Pentax.PictureMode Undefined Picture mode
0x0034 52 Pentax Exif.Pentax.DriveMode Undefined Drive mode
0x0037 55 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ColorSpace Short Color space
0x0038 56 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ImageAreaOffset Long Image area offset
0x0039 57 Pentax Exif.Pentax.RawImageSize Long Raw image size
0x003e 62 Pentax Exif.Pentax.PreviewImageBorders Byte Preview image borders
0x003f 63 Pentax Exif.Pentax.LensType Byte Lens type
0x0040 64 Pentax Exif.Pentax.SensitivityAdjust Long Sensitivity adjust
0x0041 65 Pentax Exif.Pentax.DigitalFilter Short Digital filter
0x0047 71 Pentax Exif.Pentax.Temperature SByte Camera temperature
0x0048 72 Pentax Exif.Pentax.AELock Short AE lock
0x0049 73 Pentax Exif.Pentax.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x004d 77 Pentax Exif.Pentax.FlashExposureCompensation SLong Flash exposure compensation
0x004f 79 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ImageTone Short Image tone
0x0050 80 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ColorTemperature Short Color temperature
0x005c 92 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ShakeReduction Undefined Shake reduction information
0x005d 93 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ShutterCount Undefined Shutter count
0x0069 105 Pentax Exif.Pentax.DynamicRangeExpansion Undefined Dynamic range expansion
0x0071 113 Pentax Exif.Pentax.HighISONoiseReduction Byte High ISO noise reduction
0x0072 114 Pentax Exif.Pentax.AFAdjustment Undefined AF Adjustment
0x0200 512 Pentax Exif.Pentax.BlackPoint Undefined Black point
0x0201 513 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WhitePoint Undefined White point
0x0205 517 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ShotInfo Undefined ShotInfo
0x0206 518 Pentax Exif.Pentax.AEInfo Undefined AEInfo
0x0207 519 Pentax Exif.Pentax.LensInfo Undefined LensInfo
0x0208 520 Pentax Exif.Pentax.FlashInfo Undefined FlashInfo
0x0209 521 Pentax Exif.Pentax.AEMeteringSegments Undefined AEMeteringSegments
0x020a 522 Pentax Exif.Pentax.FlashADump Undefined FlashADump
0x020b 523 Pentax Exif.Pentax.FlashBDump Undefined FlashBDump
0x020d 525 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight Undefined WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight
0x020e 526 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WB_RGGBLevelsShade Undefined WB_RGGBLevelsShade
0x020f 527 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy Undefined WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy
0x0210 528 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten Undefined WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten
0x0211 529 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentD Undefined WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentD
0x0212 530 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentN Undefined WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentN
0x0213 531 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentW Undefined WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentW
0x0214 532 Pentax Exif.Pentax.WB_RGGBLevelsFlash Undefined WB_RGGBLevelsFlash
0x0215 533 Pentax Exif.Pentax.CameraInfo Undefined CameraInfo
0x0216 534 Pentax Exif.Pentax.BatteryInfo Undefined BatteryInfo
0x021f 543 Pentax Exif.Pentax.AFInfo Undefined AFInfo
0x0222 546 Pentax Exif.Pentax.ColorInfo Undefined ColorInfo
0x0229 553 Pentax Exif.Pentax.SerialNumber Ascii Serial Number