Panasonic MakerNote Tags

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with Panasonic cameras. References: [8], [9], and [10].

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0001 1 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Quality Short Image Quality
0x0002 2 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FirmwareVersion Undefined Firmware version
0x0003 3 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.WhiteBalance Short White balance setting
0x0004 4 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.0x0004 Short Unknown
0x0007 7 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FocusMode Short Focus mode
0x000f 15 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AFMode Byte AF mode
0x001a 26 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ImageStabilization Short Image stabilization
0x001c 28 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Macro Short Macro mode
0x001f 31 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ShootingMode Short Shooting mode
0x0020 32 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Audio Short Audio
0x0021 33 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.DataDump Undefined Data dump
0x0022 34 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.0x0022 Short Unknown
0x0023 35 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.WhiteBalanceBias SShort White balance adjustment
0x0024 36 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FlashBias SShort Flash bias
0x0025 37 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.InternalSerialNumber Undefined This number is unique, and contains the date of manufacture, but is not the same as the number printed on the camera body.
0x0026 38 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ExifVersion Undefined Exif version
0x0027 39 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.0x0027 Short Unknown
0x0028 40 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ColorEffect Short Color effect
0x0029 41 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.TimeSincePowerOn Long Time in 1/100 s from when the camera was powered on to when the image is written to memory card
0x002a 42 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.BurstMode Short Burst mode
0x002b 43 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.SequenceNumber Long Sequence number
0x002c 44 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Contrast Short Contrast setting
0x002d 45 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x002e 46 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.SelfTimer Short Self timer
0x002f 47 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.0x002f Short Unknown
0x0030 48 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Rotation Short Rotation
0x0031 49 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AFAssistLamp Short AF Assist Lamp
0x0032 50 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ColorMode Short Color mode
0x0033 51 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.BabyAge1 Ascii Baby (or pet) age 1
0x0034 52 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.OpticalZoomMode Short Optical zoom mode
0x0035 53 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ConversionLens Short Conversion lens
0x0036 54 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.TravelDay Short Travel day
0x0039 57 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Contrast2 Short Contrast 2
0x003a 58 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.WorldTimeLocation Short World time location
0x003b 59 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.TextStamp1 Short Text Stamp 1
0x003c 60 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ProgramISO Short Program ISO
0x003d 61 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AdvancedSceneType Short Advanced Scene Type
0x003e 62 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.TextStamp2 Short Text Stamp 2
0x003f 63 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FacesDetected Short Faces detected
0x0040 64 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Saturation Short Saturation
0x0041 65 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Sharpness Short Sharpness
0x0042 66 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FilmMode Short Film mode
0x0044 68 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ColorTempKelvin Short Color Temperature in Kelvin
0x0045 69 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.BracketSettings Short Bracket Settings
0x0046 70 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.WBAdjustAB Short WB adjust AB. Positive is a shift toward blue.
0x0047 71 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.WBAdjustGM Short WBAdjustGM. Positive is a shift toward green.
0x0048 72 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FlashCurtain Short Flash Curtain
0x0049 73 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.LongShutterNoiseReduction Short Long Shutter Noise Reduction
0x004b 75 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ImageWidth Long Image width
0x004c 76 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ImageHeight Long Image height
0x004d 77 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AFPointPosition Rational AF Point Position
0x004e 78 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FaceDetInfo Undefined Face detection info
0x0051 81 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.LensType Ascii Lens type
0x0052 82 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.LensSerialNumber Ascii Lens serial number
0x0053 83 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AccessoryType Ascii Accessory type
0x0054 84 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AccessorySerialNumber Ascii Accessory Serial Number
0x0059 89 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Transform1 Undefined Transform 1
0x005d 93 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.IntelligentExposure Short Intelligent Exposure
0x0060 96 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.LensFirmwareVersion Undefined Firmware Version of the Lens
0x0061 97 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FaceRecInfo Undefined Face recognition info
0x0062 98 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FlashWarning Short Flash warning
0x0065 101 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Title Undefined Title
0x0066 102 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.BabyName Undefined Baby name (or pet name)
0x0067 103 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Location Undefined Location
0x0069 105 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Country Undefined Country
0x006b 107 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.State Undefined State
0x006d 109 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.City Undefined City
0x006f 111 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Landmark Undefined Landmark
0x0070 112 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.IntelligentResolution Byte Intelligent resolution
0x0077 119 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.BurstSpeed Short Burst Speed in pictures per second
0x0079 121 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.IntelligentDRange Short Intelligent Dynamic Range
0x007c 124 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ClearRetouch Short Clear Retouch
0x0080 128 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.City2 Undefined City2
0x0086 134 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ManometerPressure Short Manometer pressure
0x0089 137 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.PhotoStyle Short Photo style
0x008a 138 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ShadingCompensation Short Shading Compensation
0x008c 140 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AccelerometerZ Short positive is acceleration upwards
0x008d 141 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AccelerometerX Short positive is acceleration to the left
0x008e 142 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.AccelerometerY Short positive is acceleration backwards
0x008f 143 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.CameraOrientation Byte Camera Orientation
0x0090 144 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.RollAngle Short degress of clockwise camera rotation
0x0091 145 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.PitchAngle Short degress of upwards camera tilt
0x0093 147 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.SweepPanoramaDirection Byte Sweep Panorama Direction
0x0094 148 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.PanoramaFieldOfView Short Field of View of Panorama
0x0096 150 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.TimerRecording Byte Timer Recording
0x009d 157 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.InternalNDFilter Rational Internal ND Filter
0x009e 158 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.HDR Short HDR
0x009f 159 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ShutterType Short Shutter Type
0x00a3 163 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.ClearRetouchValue Rational Clear Retouch Value
0x00ab 171 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.TouchAE Short TouchAE
0x0e00 3584 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.PrintIM Undefined PrintIM information
0x4449 17481 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.0x4449 Undefined Unknown
0x8000 32768 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.MakerNoteVersion Undefined MakerNote version
0x8001 32769 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.SceneMode Short Scene mode
0x8004 32772 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.WBRedLevel Short WB red level
0x8005 32773 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.WBGreenLevel Short WB green level
0x8006 32774 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.WBBlueLevel Short WB blue level
0x8007 32775 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.FlashFired Short Flash Fired
0x8008 32776 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.TextStamp3 Short Text Stamp 3
0x8009 32777 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.TextStamp4 Short Text Stamp 4
0x8010 32784 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.BabyAge2 Ascii Baby (or pet) age 2
0x8012 32786 Panasonic Exif.Panasonic.Transform2 Undefined Transform 2