Olympus MakerNote Tags

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with Olympus cameras. References: [1], [9], and [10].

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x0000 Short Unknown
0x0100 256 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ThumbnailImage Undefined Thumbnail image
0x0104 260 Olympus Exif.Olympus.BodyFirmwareVersion Ascii Body firmware version
0x0200 512 Olympus Exif.Olympus.SpecialMode Long Picture taking mode
0x0201 513 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Quality Short Image quality setting
0x0202 514 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Macro Short Macro mode
0x0203 515 Olympus Exif.Olympus.BWMode Short Black and white mode
0x0204 516 Olympus Exif.Olympus.DigitalZoom Rational Digital zoom ratio
0x0205 517 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FocalPlaneDiagonal Rational Focal plane diagonal
0x0206 518 Olympus Exif.Olympus.LensDistortionParams SShort Lens distortion parameters
0x0207 519 Olympus Exif.Olympus.CameraType Ascii Camera type
0x0208 520 Olympus Exif.Olympus.PictureInfo Ascii ASCII format data such as [PictureInfo]
0x0209 521 Olympus Exif.Olympus.CameraID Ascii Camera ID data
0x020b 523 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ImageWidth2 Short Image width 2
0x020c 524 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ImageHeight2 Short Image height 2
0x020d 525 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Software Ascii Software
0x0280 640 Olympus Exif.Olympus.PreviewImage Byte Preview image
0x0300 768 Olympus Exif.Olympus.PreCaptureFrames Short Pre-capture frames
0x0301 769 Olympus Exif.Olympus.WhiteBoard Short White board
0x0302 770 Olympus Exif.Olympus.OneTouchWB Short One touch white balance
0x0303 771 Olympus Exif.Olympus.WhiteBalanceBracket Short White balance bracket
0x0304 772 Olympus Exif.Olympus.WhiteBalanceBias Short White balance bias
0x0403 1027 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.SceneMode Short Scene mode
0x0404 1028 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Firmware Ascii Firmware
0x0e00 3584 Olympus Exif.Olympus.PrintIM Undefined PrintIM information
0x0f00 3840 Olympus Exif.Olympus.DataDump1 Undefined Various camera settings 1
0x0f01 3841 Olympus Exif.Olympus.DataDump2 Undefined Various camera settings 2
0x1000 4096 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ShutterSpeed SRational Shutter speed value
0x1001 4097 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ISOSpeed SRational ISO speed value
0x1002 4098 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ApertureValue SRational Aperture value
0x1003 4099 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Brightness SRational Brightness value
0x1004 4100 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FlashMode Short Flash mode
0x1005 4101 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FlashDevice Short Flash device
0x1006 4102 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Bracket SRational Exposure compensation value
0x1007 4103 Olympus Exif.Olympus.SensorTemperature SShort Sensor temperature
0x1008 4104 Olympus Exif.Olympus.LensTemperature SShort Lens temperature
0x1009 4105 Olympus Exif.Olympus.LightCondition Short Light condition
0x100a 4106 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FocusRange Short Focus range
0x100b 4107 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FocusMode Short Focus mode
0x100c 4108 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FocusDistance Rational Manual focus distance
0x100d 4109 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Zoom Short Zoom step count
0x100e 4110 Olympus Exif.Olympus.MacroFocus Short Macro focus step count
0x100f 4111 Olympus Exif.Olympus.SharpnessFactor Short Sharpness factor
0x1010 4112 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FlashChargeLevel Short Flash charge level
0x1011 4113 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ColorMatrix Short Color matrix
0x1012 4114 Olympus Exif.Olympus.BlackLevel Short Black level
0x1013 4115 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1013 Short Unknown
0x1014 4116 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1014 Short Unknown
0x1015 4117 Olympus Exif.Olympus.WhiteBalance Short White balance mode
0x1016 4118 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1016 Short Unknown
0x1017 4119 Olympus Exif.Olympus.RedBalance Short Red balance
0x1018 4120 Olympus Exif.Olympus.BlueBalance Short Blue balance
0x1019 4121 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ColorMatrixNumber Short Color matrix number
0x101a 4122 Olympus Exif.Olympus.SerialNumber2 Ascii Serial number 2
0x101b 4123 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x101b Long Unknown
0x101c 4124 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x101c Long Unknown
0x101d 4125 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x101d Long Unknown
0x101e 4126 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x101e Long Unknown
0x101f 4127 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x101f Long Unknown
0x1020 4128 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1020 Long Unknown
0x1021 4129 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1021 Long Unknown
0x1022 4130 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1022 Long Unknown
0x1023 4131 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FlashBias SRational Flash exposure compensation
0x1024 4132 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1024 Short Unknown
0x1025 4133 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1025 SRational Unknown
0x1026 4134 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ExternalFlashBounce Short External flash bounce
0x1027 4135 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ExternalFlashZoom Short External flash zoom
0x1028 4136 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ExternalFlashMode Short External flash mode
0x1029 4137 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Contrast Short Contrast setting
0x102a 4138 Olympus Exif.Olympus.SharpnessFactor2 Short Sharpness factor 2
0x102b 4139 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ColorControl Short Color control
0x102c 4140 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ValidBits Short Valid bits
0x102d 4141 Olympus Exif.Olympus.CoringFilter Short Coring filter
0x102e 4142 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ImageWidth Long Image width
0x102f 4143 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ImageHeight Long Image height
0x1030 4144 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1030 Short Unknown
0x1031 4145 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1031 Long Unknown
0x1032 4146 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1032 Short Unknown
0x1033 4147 Olympus Exif.Olympus.0x1033 Long Unknown
0x1034 4148 Olympus Exif.Olympus.CompressionRatio Rational Compression ratio
0x1035 4149 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Thumbnail Long Preview image embedded
0x1036 4150 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ThumbnailOffset Long Offset of the preview image
0x1037 4151 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ThumbnailLength Long Size of the preview image
0x1039 4153 Olympus Exif.Olympus.CCDScanMode Short CCD scan mode
0x103a 4154 Olympus Exif.Olympus.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x103b 4155 Olympus Exif.Olympus.InfinityLensStep Short Infinity lens step
0x103c 4156 Olympus Exif.Olympus.NearLensStep Short Near lens step
0x2010 8208 Olympus Exif.Olympus.Equipment Long Camera equipment sub-IFD
0x2020 8224 Olympus Exif.Olympus.CameraSettings Long Camera Settings sub-IFD
0x2030 8240 Olympus Exif.Olympus.RawDevelopment Long Raw development sub-IFD
0x2031 8241 Olympus Exif.Olympus.RawDevelopment2 Long Raw development 2 sub-IFD
0x2040 8256 Olympus Exif.Olympus.ImageProcessing Long Image processing sub-IFD
0x2050 8272 Olympus Exif.Olympus.FocusInfo Long Focus sub-IFD
0x3000 12288 Olympus Exif.Olympus.RawInfo Long Raw sub-IFD

Olympus Camera Settings Tags

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.CameraSettingsVersion Undefined Camera settings version
0x0100 256 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PreviewImageValid Long Preview image valid
0x0101 257 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PreviewImageStart Long Preview image start
0x0102 258 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PreviewImageLength Long Preview image length
0x0200 512 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ExposureMode Short Exposure mode
0x0201 513 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.AELock Short Auto exposure lock
0x0202 514 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.MeteringMode Short Metering mode
0x0203 515 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ExposureShift SRational Exposure shift
0x0300 768 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.MacroMode Short Macro mode
0x0301 769 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.FocusMode Short Focus mode
0x0302 770 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.FocusProcess Short Focus process
0x0303 771 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.AFSearch Short AF search
0x0304 772 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.AFAreas Long AF areas
0x0305 773 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.AFPointSelected SRational AFPointSelected
0x0307 775 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.AFFineTuneAdj SShort AF fine tune adjust
0x0400 1024 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.FlashMode Short Flash mode
0x0401 1025 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.FlashExposureComp SRational Flash exposure compensation
0x0403 1027 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.FlashRemoteControl Short Flash remote control
0x0404 1028 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.FlashControlMode Short Flash control mode
0x0405 1029 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.FlashIntensity SRational Flash intensity
0x0406 1030 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ManualFlashStrength SRational Manual flash strength
0x0500 1280 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.WhiteBalance Short White balance 2
0x0501 1281 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.WhiteBalanceTemperature Short White balance temperature
0x0502 1282 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.WhiteBalanceBracket SShort White balance bracket
0x0503 1283 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.CustomSaturation SShort Custom saturation
0x0504 1284 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ModifiedSaturation Short Modified saturation
0x0505 1285 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ContrastSetting SShort Contrast setting
0x0506 1286 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.SharpnessSetting SShort Sharpness setting
0x0507 1287 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ColorSpace Short Color space
0x0509 1289 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.SceneMode Short Scene mode
0x050a 1290 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x050b 1291 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.DistortionCorrection Short Distortion correction
0x050c 1292 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ShadingCompensation Short Shading compensation
0x050d 1293 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.CompressionFactor Rational Compression factor
0x050f 1295 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.Gradation SShort Gradation
0x0520 1312 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PictureMode Short Picture mode
0x0521 1313 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PictureModeSaturation SShort Picture mode saturation
0x0522 1314 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PictureModeHue Short Picture mode hue
0x0523 1315 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PictureModeContrast SShort Picture mode contrast
0x0524 1316 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PictureModeSharpness SShort Picture mode sharpness
0x0525 1317 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PictureModeBWFilter SShort Picture mode BW filter
0x0526 1318 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PictureModeTone SShort Picture mode tone
0x0527 1319 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.NoiseFilter SShort Noise filter
0x0529 1321 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ArtFilter Short Art filter
0x052c 1324 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.MagicFilter Short Magic filter
0x0600 1536 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.DriveMode Short Drive mode
0x0601 1537 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.PanoramaMode Short Panorama mode
0x0603 1539 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.Quality Short Image quality 2
0x0604 1540 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ImageStabilization Long Image stabilization
0x0900 2304 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ManometerPressure Short Manometer pressure
0x0901 2305 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ManometerReading SLong Manometer reading
0x0902 2306 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.ExtendedWBDetect Short Extended WB detect
0x0903 2307 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.LevelGaugeRoll Short Level gauge roll
0x0904 2308 OlympusCs Exif.OlympusCs.LevelGaugePitch Short Level gauge pitch

Olympus Equipment Tags

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.EquipmentVersion Undefined Equipment version
0x0100 256 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.CameraType Ascii Camera type
0x0101 257 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.SerialNumber Ascii Serial number
0x0102 258 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.InternalSerialNumber Ascii Internal serial number
0x0103 259 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.FocalPlaneDiagonal Rational Focal plane diagonal
0x0104 260 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.BodyFirmwareVersion Long Body firmware version
0x0201 513 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.LensType Byte Lens type
0x0202 514 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.LensSerialNumber Ascii Lens serial number
0x0203 515 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.LensModel Ascii Lens model
0x0204 516 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.LensFirmwareVersion Long Lens firmware version
0x0205 517 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.MaxApertureAtMinFocal Short Max aperture at min focal
0x0206 518 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.MaxApertureAtMaxFocal Short Max aperture at max focal
0x0207 519 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.MinFocalLength Short Min focal length
0x0208 520 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.MaxFocalLength Short Max focal length
0x020a 522 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.MaxApertureAtCurrentFocal Short Max aperture at current focal
0x020b 523 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.LensProperties Short Lens properties
0x0301 769 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.Extender Byte Extender
0x0302 770 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.ExtenderSerialNumber Ascii Extender serial number
0x0303 771 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.ExtenderModel Ascii Extender model
0x0304 772 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.ExtenderFirmwareVersion Long Extender firmwareversion
0x0403 1027 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.ConversionLens Ascii Conversion lens
0x1000 4096 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.FlashType Short Flash type
0x1001 4097 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.FlashModel Short Flash model
0x1002 4098 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.FlashFirmwareVersion Long Flash firmware version
0x1003 4099 OlympusEq Exif.OlympusEq.FlashSerialNumber Ascii FlashSerialNumber

Olympus Raw Development Tags

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.RawDevVersion Undefined Raw development version
0x0100 256 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.ExposureBiasValue SRational Exposure bias value
0x0101 257 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.WhiteBalanceValue Short White balance value
0x0102 258 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.WBFineAdjustment SShort WB fine adjustment
0x0103 259 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.GrayPoint Short Gray point
0x0104 260 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.SaturationEmphasis SShort Saturation emphasis
0x0105 261 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.MemoryColorEmphasis Short Memory color emphasis
0x0106 262 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.ContrastValue SShort Contrast value
0x0107 263 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.SharpnessValue SShort Sharpness value
0x0108 264 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.ColorSpace Short Color space
0x0109 265 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.Engine Short Engine
0x010a 266 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x010b 267 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.EditStatus Short Edit status
0x010c 268 OlympusRd Exif.OlympusRd.Settings Short Settings

Olympus Raw Development 2 Tags

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.RawDev2Version Undefined Raw development 2 version
0x0100 256 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.ExposureBiasValue SRational Exposure bias value
0x0101 257 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.WhiteBalance Short White balance
0x0102 258 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.WhiteBalanceValue Short White balance value
0x0103 259 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.WBFineAdjustment SShort White balance fine adjustment
0x0104 260 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.GrayPoint Short Gray point
0x0105 261 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.ContrastValue SShort Contrast value
0x0106 262 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.SharpnessValue SShort Sharpness value
0x0107 263 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.SaturationEmphasis SShort Saturation emphasis
0x0108 264 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.MemoryColorEmphasis Short Memory color emphasis
0x0109 265 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.ColorSpace Short Color space
0x010a 266 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x010b 267 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.Engine Short Engine
0x010c 268 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.PictureMode Short Picture mode
0x010d 269 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.PMSaturation SShort Picture mode saturation
0x010e 270 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.PMContrast SShort Picture mode contrast
0x010f 271 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.PMSharpness SShort Picture mode sharpness
0x0110 272 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.PM_BWFilter Short PM BW filter
0x0111 273 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.PMPictureTone Short PM picture tone
0x0112 274 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.Gradation SShort Gradation
0x0113 275 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.Saturation SShort Saturation
0x0119 281 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.AutoGradation Short Auto gradation
0x0120 288 OlympusRd2 Exif.OlympusRd2.PMNoiseFilter Short Picture mode noise filter

Olympus Image Processing Tags

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.ImageProcessingVersion Undefined Image processing version
0x0100 256 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels Short WB RB levels
0x0102 258 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels3000K Short WB RB levels 3000K
0x0103 259 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels3300K Short WB RB levels 3300K
0x0104 260 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels3600K Short WB RB levels 3600K
0x0105 261 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels3900K Short WB RB levels 3900K
0x0106 262 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels4000K Short WB RB levels 4000K
0x0107 263 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels4300K Short WB RB levels 4300K
0x0108 264 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels4500K Short WB RB levels 4500K
0x0109 265 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels4800K Short WB RB levels 4800K
0x010a 266 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels5300K Short WB RB levels 5300K
0x010b 267 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels6000K Short WB RB levels 6000K
0x010c 268 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels6600K Short WB RB levels 6600K
0x010d 269 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevels7500K Short WB RB levels 7500K
0x010e 270 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevelsCWB1 Short WB RB levels CWB1
0x010f 271 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevelsCWB2 Short WB RB levels CWB2
0x0110 272 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevelsCWB3 Short WB RB levels CWB3
0x0111 273 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_RBLevelsCWB4 Short WB RB levels CWB4
0x0113 275 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel3000K Short WB G level 3000K
0x0114 276 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel3300K Short WB G level 3300K
0x0115 277 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel3600K Short WB G level 3600K
0x0116 278 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel3900K Short WB G level 3900K
0x0117 279 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel4000K Short WB G level 4000K
0x0118 280 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel4300K Short WB G level 4300K
0x0119 281 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel4500K Short WB G level 4500K
0x011a 282 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel4800K Short WB G level 4800K
0x011b 283 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel5300K Short WB G level 5300K
0x011c 284 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel6000K Short WB G level 6000K
0x011d 285 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel6600K Short WB G level 6600K
0x011e 286 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel7500K Short WB G level 7500K
0x011f 287 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.WB_GLevel Short WB G level
0x0200 512 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.ColorMatrix Short Color matrix
0x0300 768 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.Enhancer Short Enhancer
0x0301 769 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.EnhancerValues Short Enhancer values
0x0310 784 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.CoringFilter Short Coring filter
0x0311 785 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.CoringValues Short Coring values
0x0600 1536 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.BlackLevel Short Black level
0x0610 1552 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.GainBase Short Gain base
0x0611 1553 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.ValidBits Short Valid bits
0x0612 1554 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.CropLeft Short Crop left
0x0613 1555 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.CropTop Short Crop top
0x0614 1556 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.CropWidth Long Crop width
0x0615 1557 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.CropHeight Long Crop height
0x1010 4112 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction
0x1011 4113 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.DistortionCorrection Short Distortion correction
0x1012 4114 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.ShadingCompensation Short Shading compensation
0x101c 4124 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.MultipleExposureMode Short Multiple exposure mode
0x1112 4370 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.AspectRatio Byte Aspect ratio
0x1113 4371 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.AspectFrame Short Aspect frame
0x1200 4608 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.FaceDetect Long Face detect
0x1201 4609 OlympusIp Exif.OlympusIp.FaceDetectArea SShort Face detect area

Olympus Focus Info Tags

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.FocusInfoVersion Undefined Focus info version
0x0209 521 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.AutoFocus Short Auto focus
0x0210 528 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.SceneDetect Short Scene detect
0x0211 529 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.SceneArea Long Scene area
0x0212 530 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.SceneDetectData Long Scene detect data
0x0300 768 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.ZoomStepCount Short Zoom step count
0x0301 769 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.FocusStepCount Short Focus step count
0x0303 771 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.FocusStepInfinity Short Focus step infinity
0x0304 772 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.FocusStepNear Short Focus step near
0x0305 773 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.FocusDistance Rational Focus distance
0x0308 776 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.AFPoint Short AF point
0x1201 4609 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.ExternalFlash Short External flash
0x1203 4611 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.ExternalFlashGuideNumber SRational External flash guide number
0x1204 4612 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.ExternalFlashBounce Short External flash bounce
0x1205 4613 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.ExternalFlashZoom Rational External flash zoom
0x1208 4616 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.InternalFlash Short Internal flash
0x1209 4617 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.ManualFlash Short Manual flash
0x1500 5376 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.SensorTemperature SShort Sensor temperature
0x1600 5632 OlympusFi Exif.OlympusFi.ImageStabilization Long Image stabilization

Olympus FE Tags

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0100 256 OlympusFe1 Exif.OlympusFe1.BodyFirmwareVersion Ascii Body firmware version

Olympus Raw Info Tags

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.RawInfoVersion Undefined Raw info version
0x0100 256 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsUsed Short WB_RB levels used
0x0110 272 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsAuto Short WB_RB levels auto
0x0120 288 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsShade Short WB_RB levels shade
0x0121 289 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsCloudy Short WB_RB levels cloudy
0x0122 290 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsFineWeather Short WB_RB levels fine weather
0x0123 291 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsTungsten Short WB_RB levels tungsten
0x0124 292 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsEveningSunlight Short WB_RB levels evening sunlight
0x0130 304 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsDaylightFluor Short WB_RB levels daylight fluor
0x0131 305 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsDayWhiteFluor Short WB_RB levels day white fluor
0x0132 306 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsCoolWhiteFluor Short WB_RB levels cool white fluor
0x0133 307 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WB_RBLevelsWhiteFluorescent Short WB_RB levels white fluorescent
0x0200 512 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.ColorMatrix2 Short Color matrix 2
0x0310 784 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CoringFilter Short Coring filter
0x0311 785 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CoringValues Short Coring values
0x0600 1536 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.BlackLevel2 Short Black level 2
0x0601 1537 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.YCbCrCoefficients Short YCbCr coefficients
0x0611 1553 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.ValidPixelDepth Short Valid pixel depth
0x0612 1554 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CropLeft Short Crop left
0x0613 1555 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CropTop Short Crop top
0x0614 1556 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CropWidth Long Crop width
0x0615 1557 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CropHeight Long Crop height
0x1000 4096 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.LightSource Short Light source
0x1001 4097 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.WhiteBalanceComp SShort White balance comp
0x1010 4112 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.SaturationSetting SShort Saturation setting
0x1011 4113 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.HueSetting SShort Hue setting
0x1012 4114 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.ContrastSetting SShort Contrast setting
0x1013 4115 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.SharpnessSetting SShort Sharpness setting
0x2000 8192 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CMExposureCompensation SRational CM exposure compensation
0x2001 8193 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CMWhiteBalance Short CM white balance
0x2002 8194 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CMWhiteBalanceComp SShort CM white balance comp
0x2010 8208 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CMWhiteBalanceGrayPoint Short CM white balance gray point
0x2020 8224 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CMSaturation SShort CM saturation
0x2021 8225 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CMHue SShort CM hue
0x2022 8226 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CMContrast SShort CM contrast
0x2023 8227 OlympusRi Exif.OlympusRi.CMSharpness SShort CM sharpness