Fujifilm MakerNote Tags

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with Fujifilm cameras. These tags are defined by Exiv2 in accordance with [1].

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0000 0 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Version Undefined Fujifilm Makernote version
0x0010 16 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.SerialNumber Ascii This number is unique, and contains the date of manufacture, but is not the same as the number printed on the camera body.
0x1000 4096 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Quality Ascii Image quality setting
0x1001 4097 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Sharpness Short Sharpness setting
0x1002 4098 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.WhiteBalance Short White balance setting
0x1003 4099 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Color Short Chroma saturation setting
0x1004 4100 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Tone Short Tone (contrast) setting
0x1005 4101 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ColorTemperature Short Color temperature setting
0x1006 4102 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Contrast Short Contrast setting
0x100a 4106 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.WhiteBalanceFineTune SLong White balance fine tune setting
0x100b 4107 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.NoiseReduction Short Noise reduction setting
0x100e 4110 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.HighIsoNoiseReduction Short High ISO NR setting
0x100f 4111 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Clarity SLong Clarity setting
0x1010 4112 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FlashMode Short Flash firing mode setting
0x1011 4113 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FlashStrength SRational Flash firing strength compensation setting
0x1020 4128 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Macro Short Macro mode setting
0x1021 4129 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FocusMode Short Focusing mode setting
0x1022 4130 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FocusArea Short Focus area setting
0x1023 4131 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FocusPoint Short X and Y coordinate of focus point
0x102b 4139 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FocusPrioritySetting Short Focus priority setting
0x102d 4141 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FocusSetting Long Focus setting
0x102e 4142 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ContinuousFocusSetting Long AF-C focus setting
0x1030 4144 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.SlowSync Short Slow synchro mode setting
0x1031 4145 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.PictureMode Short Picture mode setting
0x1032 4146 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ExposureCount Short Number of exposures used for this image
0x1033 4147 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.EXRAuto Short EXR Auto
0x1034 4148 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.EXRMode Short EXR Auto
0x1040 4160 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ShadowTone SLong Shadow tone
0x1041 4161 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.HighlightTone SLong Highlight tone
0x1044 4164 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DigitalZoom Long Digital zoom
0x1045 4165 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.LensModulationOptimizer Long Lens modulation optimizer setting
0x1047 4167 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.GrainEffectRoughness SLong Grain effect roughness setting
0x1048 4168 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ColorChromeEffect SLong Color Chrome Effect
0x1049 4169 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MonochromaticColorWC Byte Monochromatic color (warm-cool) setting. High value results in warm color shift and low values in cold color shift.
0x104b 4171 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MonochromaticColorMG Byte Monochromatic color (magenta-green) setting. High value results in magenta color shift and low values in green color shift.
0x104c 4172 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.GrainEffectSize Short Grain effect size setting
0x104d 4173 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.CropMode Short Crop mode
0x104e 4174 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ColorChromeFXBlue SLong Color Chrome FX Blue
0x1050 4176 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ShutterType Short Shutter type
0x1100 4352 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Continuous Short Continuous shooting or auto bracketing setting
0x1101 4353 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.SequenceNumber Short Sequence number
0x1103 4355 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DriveSetting Short Drive setting
0x1105 4357 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.PixelShiftShots Short Pixel shift shots
0x1105 4357 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.PixelShiftOfffset SRational Pixel shift offset
0x1153 4435 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.PanoramaAngle Short Panorama angle
0x1154 4436 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.PanoramaDirection Short Panorama direction
0x1201 4609 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.AdvancedFilter Long Advanced filter setting
0x1210 4624 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FinePixColor Short Fuji FinePix color setting
0x1300 4864 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.BlurWarning Short Blur warning status
0x1301 4865 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FocusWarning Short Auto Focus warning status
0x1302 4866 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ExposureWarning Short Auto exposure warning status
0x1400 5120 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DynamicRange Short Dynamic range
0x1401 5121 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FilmMode Short Film mode
0x1402 5122 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DynamicRangeSetting Short Dynamic range settings
0x1403 5123 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DevelopmentDynamicRange Short Development dynamic range
0x1404 5124 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MinFocalLength Rational Minimum focal length
0x1405 5125 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MaxFocalLength Rational Maximum focal length
0x1406 5126 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MaxApertureAtMinFocal Rational Maximum aperture at minimum focal
0x1407 5127 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.MaxApertureAtMaxFocal Rational Maximum aperture at maximum focal
0x140b 5131 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.AutoDynamicRange Short Auto dynamic range
0x1422 5154 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ImageStabilization Short Image stabilization
0x1425 5157 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.SceneRecognition Short Scene recognition
0x1431 5169 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.Rating Long Rating
0x1436 5174 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ImageGeneration Short Image generation
0x1438 5176 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ImageNumber Short Image Number
0x1443 5187 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DRangePriority Short Dynamic range priority
0x1444 5188 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DRangePriorityFixed Short Dynamic range priority fixed
0x1445 5189 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.DRangePriorityAuto Short Dynamic range priority auto
0x4005 16389 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FaceElementSelected Ascii Face element selected
0x4100 16640 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FacesDetected Ascii Faces detected
0x4103 16643 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FacePositions Ascii Left, top, right and bottom coordinates in full-sized image for each face detected
0x4200 16896 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.NumberFaceElements Ascii Number of face elements
0x4201 16897 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FaceElementTypes Ascii Type of every face element
0x4203 16899 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FaceElementPositions Ascii Left, top, right and bottom coordinates in full-sized image for each face element)
0x4282 17026 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FaceRecInfo Ascii Face Recognition Information
0x8000 32768 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FileSource Ascii File source
0x8002 32770 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.OrderNumber Long Order number
0x8003 32771 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FrameNumber Short Frame number
0xf000 61440 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.FujiIFD Undefined Fujifilm IFD
0xf001 61441 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.RawImageFullWidth Undefined Raw Image Full Width
0xf002 61442 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.RawImageFullHeight Undefined Raw Image Full Height
0xf003 61443 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.BitsPerSample Undefined Bits Per Sample
0xf007 61447 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.StripOffsets Undefined Strip Offsets
0xf008 61448 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.StripByteCounts Undefined Strip Byte Counts
0xf00a 61450 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.BlackLevel Undefined Black Level
0xf00b 61451 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.GeometricDistortionParams Undefined Geometric Distortion Params
0xf00c 61452 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.WB_GRBLevelsStandard Undefined WB GRB Levels Standard
0xf00d 61453 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.WB_GRBLevelsAuto Undefined WB GRB Levels Auto
0xf00e 61454 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.WB_GRBLevels Undefined WB GRB Levels
0xf00f 61455 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.ChromaticAberrationParams Undefined Chromatic Aberration Params
0xf010 61456 Fujifilm Exif.Fujifilm.VignettingParams Undefined Vignetting Params