There are two different Casio MakerNote formats. Exiv2 will automatically detect the correct format for the Exif data from a particular Casio camera model. References: [9], [10], [12].

Casio (format 1) MakerNote Tags defined in Exiv2

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with older Casio cameras.

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0001 1 Casio Exif.Casio.RecodingMode Short Recording Mode
0x0002 2 Casio Exif.Casio.Quality Short Quality
0x0003 3 Casio Exif.Casio.FocusMode Short Focus Mode
0x0004 4 Casio Exif.Casio.FlashMode Short Flash Mode
0x0005 5 Casio Exif.Casio.FlashIntensity Short Flash Intensity
0x0006 6 Casio Exif.Casio.ObjectDistance Long Distance to object
0x0007 7 Casio Exif.Casio.WhiteBalance Short White balance settings
0x000a 10 Casio Exif.Casio.DigitalZoom Long Digital zoom
0x000b 11 Casio Exif.Casio.Sharpness Short Sharpness
0x000c 12 Casio Exif.Casio.Contrast Short Contrast
0x000d 13 Casio Exif.Casio.Saturation Short Saturation
0x0014 20 Casio Exif.Casio.ISO Short ISO
0x0015 21 Casio Exif.Casio.FirmwareDate Ascii Firmware date
0x0016 22 Casio Exif.Casio.Enhancement Short Enhancement
0x0017 23 Casio Exif.Casio.ColorFilter Short Color Filter
0x0018 24 Casio Exif.Casio.AFPoint Short AF Point
0x0019 25 Casio Exif.Casio.FlashIntensity2 Short Flash Intensity
0x0020 32 Casio Exif.Casio.CCDSensitivity Short CCDSensitivity
0x0e00 3584 Casio Exif.Casio.PrintIM Undefined PrintIM information

Casio (format 2) MakerNote Tags defined in Exiv2

Tags found in the MakerNote of images taken with newer Casio cameras.

Tag (hex) Tag (dec) IFD Key Type Tag description
0x0002 2 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.PreviewImageSize Short Preview Image Size
0x0003 3 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.PreviewImageLength Long Preview Image Length
0x0004 4 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.PreviewImageStart Long Preview Image Start
0x0008 8 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.QualityMode Short Quality Mode
0x0009 9 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ImageSize Short Image Size
0x000d 13 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.FocusMode Short Focus Mode
0x0014 20 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ISOSpeed Short ISO Speed
0x0019 25 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.WhiteBalance Short White Balance Setting
0x001d 29 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.FocalLength Rational Focal Length
0x001f 31 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.Saturation Short Saturation
0x0020 32 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.Contrast Short Contrast
0x0021 33 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.Sharpness Short Sharpness
0x0e00 3584 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.PrintIM Undefined PrintIM information
0x2000 8192 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.PreviewImage Undefined Preview Image
0x2001 8193 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.FirmwareDate Ascii Firmware Date
0x2011 8209 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.WhiteBalanceBias Short White Balance Bias
0x2012 8210 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.WhiteBalance2 Short White Balance Setting
0x2021 8225 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.AFPointPosition Short AF Point Position
0x2022 8226 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ObjectDistance Long Object Distance
0x2034 8244 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.FlashDistance Short Flash Distance
0x2076 8310 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.SpecialEffectMode Byte Special Effect Mode
0x2089 8329 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.FaceInfo Undefined Face Info
0x211c 8476 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.FacesDetected Byte Faces detected
0x3000 12288 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.RecordMode Short Record Mode
0x3001 12289 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ReleaseMode Short Release Mode
0x3002 12290 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.Quality Short Quality
0x3003 12291 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.FocusMode2 Short Focus Mode2
0x3006 12294 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.HometownCity Ascii Home town city
0x3007 12295 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.BestShotMode Short Best Shot Mode
0x3008 12296 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.AutoISO Short Auto ISO
0x3009 12297 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.AFMode Short AF Mode
0x3011 12305 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.Sharpness2 Undefined Sharpness
0x3012 12306 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.Contrast2 Undefined Contrast
0x3013 12307 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.Saturation2 Undefined Saturation
0x3014 12308 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ISO Short ISO
0x3015 12309 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ColorMode Short Color Mode
0x3016 12310 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.Enhancement Short Enhancement
0x3017 12311 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ColorFilter Short Color Filter
0x301b 12315 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ArtMode Short Art Mode
0x301c 12316 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.SequenceNumber Short Sequence Number
0x3020 12320 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ImageStabilization Short Image Stabilization
0x302a 12330 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.LightingMode Short Lighting Mode
0x302b 12331 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.PortraitRefiner Short Portrait Refiner settings
0x3030 12336 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.SpecialEffectLevel Short Special Effect Level
0x3031 12337 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.SpecialEffectSetting Short Special Effect Setting
0x3103 12547 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.DriveMode Short Drive Mode
0x310b 12555 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.ArtModeParameters Undefined Art Mode Parameters
0x4001 16385 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.CaptureFrameRate Short Capture Frame Rate
0x4003 16387 Casio2 Exif.Casio2.VideoQuality Short Video Quality