Read an XMP packet from a file, parse it and print all (known) properties.

// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
// Read an XMP packet from a file, parse it and print all (known) properties.
#include <exiv2/exiv2.hpp>
#include <iostream>
int main(int argc, char* const argv[]) try {
if (argc != 2) {
std::cout << "Usage: " << argv[0] << " file\n";
std::string xmpPacket;
xmpPacket.assign(buf.c_str(), buf.size());
Exiv2::XmpData xmpData;
if (0 != Exiv2::XmpParser::decode(xmpData, xmpPacket)) {
std::string error(argv[1]);
error += ": Failed to parse file contents (XMP packet)";
throw Exiv2::Error(Exiv2::ErrorCode::kerErrorMessage, error);
if (xmpData.empty()) {
std::string error(argv[1]);
error += ": No XMP properties found in the XMP packet";
throw Exiv2::Error(Exiv2::ErrorCode::kerErrorMessage, error);
for (auto&& md : xmpData) {
std::cout << std::setfill(' ') << std::left << std::setw(44) << md.key() << " " << std::setw(9) << std::setfill(' ')
<< std::left << md.typeName() << " " << std::dec << std::setw(3) << std::setfill(' ') << std::right
<< md.count() << " " << std::dec << md.toString() << std::endl;
} catch (Exiv2::Error& e) {
std::cout << "Caught Exiv2 exception '" << e << "'\n";
Simple error class used for exceptions. An output operator is provided to print errors to a stream.
Definition: error.hpp:235
A container for XMP data. This is a top-level class of the Exiv2 library.
Definition: xmp_exiv2.hpp:138
bool empty() const
Return true if there is no XMP metadata.
static void terminate()
Terminate the XMP Toolkit and unregister custom namespaces.
static int decode(XmpData &xmpData, const std::string &xmpPacket)
Decode XMP metadata from an XMP packet xmpPacket into xmpData. The format of the XMP packet must foll...
static bool initialize(XmpParser::XmpLockFct xmpLockFct=nullptr, void *pLockData=nullptr)
Initialize the XMP Toolkit.
EXIV2API DataBuf readFile(const std::string &path)
Read file path into a DataBuf, which is returned.
Utility class containing a character array. All it does is to take care of memory allocation and dele...
Definition: types.hpp:124
const char * c_str(size_t offset=0) const
Returns a (read-only) C-style string pointer.