iptc.hpp File Reference

Encoding and decoding of IPTC data. More...

#include "exiv2lib_export.h"
#include "metadatum.hpp"
#include "datasets.hpp"


class  Exiv2::Iptcdatum
 An IPTC metadatum ("dataset"), consisting of an IptcKey and a Value and methods to manipulate these. More...
class  Exiv2::IptcData
 A container for IPTC data. This is a top-level class of the Exiv2 library. More...
class  Exiv2::IptcParser
 Stateless parser class for IPTC data. Images use this class to decode and encode binary IPTC data. More...


 Provides classes and functions to encode and decode Exif and Iptc data. The libexiv2 API consists of the objects of this namespace.


typedef std::vector< Iptcdatum > Exiv2::IptcMetadata
 Container type to hold all metadata.

Detailed Description

Encoding and decoding of IPTC data.

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31-Jul-04, brad: created