image.hpp File Reference
#include "exiv2lib_export.h"
#include "basicio.hpp"
#include "exif.hpp"
#include "iptc.hpp"
#include "xmp_exiv2.hpp"
#include <string>
#include <vector>


struct  Exiv2::NativePreview
 Native preview information. This is meant to be used only by the PreviewManager. More...
class  Exiv2::Image
 Abstract base class defining the interface for an image. This is the top-level interface to the Exiv2 library. More...
class  Exiv2::ImageFactory
 Returns an Image instance of the specified type. More...


 Provides classes and functions to encode and decode Exif and Iptc data. The libexiv2 API consists of the objects of this namespace.
 Supported image formats.


typedef std::vector< NativePreview > Exiv2::NativePreviewList
 List of native previews. This is meant to be used only by the PreviewManager.
typedef Image::AutoPtr(* Exiv2::NewInstanceFct) (BasicIo::AutoPtr io, bool create)
 Type for function pointer that creates new Image instances.
typedef bool(* Exiv2::IsThisTypeFct) (BasicIo &iIo, bool advance)
 Type for function pointer that checks image types.


enum  Exiv2::PrintStructureOption {
  kpsNone, kpsBasic, kpsXMP, kpsRecursive,
  kpsIccProfile, kpsIptcErase
 Options for printStructure.


EXIV2API void Exiv2::append (Exiv2::Blob &blob, const byte *buf, uint32_t len)
 Append len bytes pointed to by buf to blob.


const int Exiv2::ImageType::none = 0
 Not an image.