epsimage.hpp File Reference

EPS image.
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[2] Adobe Encapsulated PostScript File Format Specification, Version 3.0, May 1992
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#include "exiv2lib_export.h"
#include "image.hpp"


class  Exiv2::EpsImage
 Class to access EPS images. More...


 Provides classes and functions to encode and decode Exif and Iptc data. The libexiv2 API consists of the objects of this namespace.
 Supported image formats.


EXIV2LIB_DEPRECATED_EXPORT Image::AutoPtr Exiv2::newEpsInstance (BasicIo::AutoPtr io, bool create)
 Create a new EpsImage instance and return an auto-pointer to it. Caller owns the returned object and the auto-pointer ensures that it will be deleted.
EXIV2LIB_DEPRECATED_EXPORT bool Exiv2::isEpsType (BasicIo &iIo, bool advance)
 Check if the file iIo is a EPS image.


const int Exiv2::ImageType::eps = 18
 EPS image type.

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