easyaccess.hpp File Reference

Provides easy (high-level) access to some Exif meta data. More...

#include "exiv2lib_export.h"
#include "exif.hpp"


 Provides classes and functions to encode and decode Exif and Iptc data. The libexiv2 API consists of the objects of this namespace.


EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::orientation (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the orientation of the image.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::isoSpeed (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the ISO speed used to shoot the image.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::flashBias (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the flash bias value.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::exposureMode (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the exposure mode setting.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::sceneMode (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the scene mode setting.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::macroMode (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the macro mode setting.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::imageQuality (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the image quality setting.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::whiteBalance (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the white balance setting.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::lensName (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the name of the lens used.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::saturation (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the saturation level.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::sharpness (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the sharpness level.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::contrast (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the contrast level.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::sceneCaptureType (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the scene capture type.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::meteringMode (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the metering mode setting.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::make (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the camera make.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::model (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the camera model.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::exposureTime (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the exposure time.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::fNumber (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the F number.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::subjectDistance (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the subject distance.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::serialNumber (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the camera serial number.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::focalLength (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the focal length setting.
EXIV2API ExifData::const_iterator Exiv2::afPoint (const ExifData &ed)
 Return the AF point.

Detailed Description

Provides easy (high-level) access to some Exif meta data.

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