Photoshop Schema

This schema specifies XMP properties used by Adobe Photoshop.

Reference: XMP Specification and Documentation

Property Label Value type Exiv2 type Category Description
AuthorsPosition Authors Position Text XmpText External By-line title.
CaptionWriter Caption Writer ProperName XmpText External Writer/editor.
Category Category Text XmpText External Category. Limited to 3 7-bit ASCII characters.
City City Text XmpText External City.
Country Country Text XmpText External Country/primary location.
Credit Credit Text XmpText External Credit.
DateCreated Date Created Date XmpText External The date the intellectual content of the document was created (rather than the creation date of the physical representation), following IIM conventions. For example, a photo taken during the American Civil War would have a creation date during that epoch (1861-1865) rather than the date the photo was digitized for archiving.
Headline Headline Text XmpText External Headline.
Instructions Instructions Text XmpText External Special instructions.
Source Source Text XmpText External Source.
State State Text XmpText External Province/state.
SupplementalCategories Supplemental Categories bag Text XmpBag External Supplemental category.
TransmissionReference Transmission Reference Text XmpText External Original transmission reference.
Urgency Urgency Integer XmpText External Urgency. Valid range is 1-8.